Austin-Meet 7-9 April 2015
Request  Requesting certain member in the House floor to visit STYC member in the lobby. STYC  Request Reps on the House floor to visit STYC member in the lobby. Lucio  Early morning chance encounter with Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. STYC Banner  STYC Banner
Becky Becky   Yineli Carreon and Ashlei Levier-Howell with Becky Moeller, Texas AFL-CIO President. Angela  Angela talking about school testing. A
-  Angela Velanzuela and Yineli Carreon ccmayor  With Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez. l  With State Representative Eddie Lucio, III. L5
l1  Waiting to enter House Gallery. IMG 0030 L8 IMG 0028 2
L2 L4 lobby6 L6
gallery5  House Gallery gallery gallery2 herrero  With Representative Abel Herrero.
E1  Preparing for next round of visits. IMG 0038 HouseGallery IMG 0036 2
IMG 0037 2 IMG 0040 3 Resolution  Representative Abel Herrero reading House Resolution recognizing STYC members for their work and their proposal iSOL, HB 3467. R2  Representatives Todd Hunter and Armando Martinez joing Representative Abel Herrero.
B2  Which way? b IMG 0064 2 L10  STYC member Christian Valdez with State Representative Sergio Muñoz  on iSOL—HB 3467.
Lobby3 L11 L9 lobby7
IMG 0054 Lobby1 lobby Muñoz1  With Representative Sergio Muñoz on iSOL HB 3467.
IMG 0029 3 B4  Okay!